Here's a tip for using flowers as a cake topper. Take into consideration the size of the cake. Tiny flowers can be used on a large cake, but if used on their own, they'll be lost.

Sea Bird Cake – Sea birds in flight, in love, with their long necks forming a heart. Best as a cake topper, but can be incorporated throughout the cake tastefully if sea birds are your thing.

With a variety of wedding cakes Perth available, check out their gallery of previous wedding cakes to see examples of their past work – go on, check them out.

The cost also varies on the cake tiers and layer structure. The more tiers or cake layers you choose, the higher the cost of the cake will become. Here are some precautions to consider when choosing a wedding cake. A gigantic wedding cake can certainly collapse and other cakes can only be build or put together at the wedding reception. The prices of the cakes start from a two tiered mud cake with vanilla buttercr4eam icing or fruit at $5.50 per finger size slice. Approximately, the round tier cake with up to 30 people range to $165 as the lowest price and the expensive is round 5 tiers and up to 350 people range to $2,450.

Your cake can be created to compliment the wedding's colors, the bridesmaid's dresses, the bridal gown, or if the wedding has a theme (such as beach, Cinderella, Western, vintage, snowflake, etc.), the wedding cake may be designed to compliment that.

If you want a more sophisticated wedding cake with gourmet icing and flavored fillings, it will cost $8 to $10 per slice. With extra works and specialized care, this well-decorated type of wedding cake is somehow worth spending for.

2. Rather than dealing with a private bakery or specialty cake stores, try searching for at-home specialty bakers. Such a person will be able to make you a beautiful wedding cake for less than HALF of what a private bakery would charge you.

Once you are clear about the type of Asian wedding cake you require, you can begin a search for the bakeries. The first place to look could be the bakeries or cake decorators in your local area. Check your wedding date for availability. Keep in mind that good bakers get booked very fast so start the planning process well in advance. Once you find an Asian wedding cake baker, book a consultation to see if he/she could deliver an Asian wedding cake to your expectation.

Ordering your cake can be likened to choosing a menu at a restaurant. Your budget can limit your choice to simply the main course rather than adding an appetizer, dessert, or drink. In choosing a cake, you will need to choose the size or number of tiers, the required cake stand, the design, shape, flavor, or decorations that come with it. Likewise, your budget can also reduce your option on the style of the cake.