-Flowers - place a bouquet of white lilies, beautifully molded with gum paste or a bouquet of real orchids on top of the cake and then add a few around the cake (using flower spikes), some pretty borders, and you'll have an amazingly beautiful cake.

Ocean Activity Cake – Love to go snorkeling, fishing, diving, boogie boarding, or kayaking? How about bride and groom figurines fishing for wedding rings off of a pier? This would be easiest to incorporate into a cake topper, but don't forget figurines can be anywhere on the cake! Get creative! Any of your favorite ocean activities can be incorporated into your cake.

Another option that it certainly due for a return to popularity is to rent a water fall that sits between the first and second tier of the cake. Then personalize it by wrapping some silk flowers around the pillars that holds the top tier. These simple tips can help you add color and elegance to your wedding cake topper, and your entire cake.

Looking for something a little more refreshing for your wedding cakes Perth perhaps? Well look no further than the lemon wedding cakes Perth’s Annette’s Heavenly Cakes are able to make. Zesty and refreshing, these lemon cakes offer guests a mouth-watering, moreish citrus bite.

The wedding cake decorations will depends on which icing you select. Decorating ideas will be limited if it is a rolled fondant icing. But if you prefer a buttercream, the fine choices for decorations are silk or fresh flowers and the based decorative satin ribbons around every tier or the swirl decorative patterns.

If you are a decorator like me, you get to experience this variety first hand, but if you are choosing a cake for your own wedding, you have some narrowing down to do. You can have your cake and eat it to - but you can have only one wedding cake!

A moderately decorated wedding cake that is 2-tier or 3-tier with special icing and fondant décor will cost about $5 to $6 per slice. You may also opt to lessen the decorations to cut down a little cost.

1. See if any local bakeries are offering specials or discounts for inexpensive wedding cake. If so, see what options are available and whether or not they can give you a good deal.

Another option can be to match the Asian wedding cake with your wedding dress or the colors used in the décor. You may also like to take into account the scenery around the table where the Asian wedding cake would be placed.

Without a doubt, one of the highlights in a wedding reception is the eating of the cake. Ideally, a wedding reception will never be complete without the cake. If you are working on a budget, determining wedding cake prices is very important. Having an understanding of the cost of your cake can be a totally exhilarating experience but nevertheless essential before choosing the design.